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"Everybody Loves A Nut"

Good morning! Hope you all are well. Everything is fine here.
Life has slowed down with the colder weather around our home. Last Winter Chuck just worked a day and a half a week and the Winter before he was off. Now with him back working full-time (hopefully the last Winter he will be!) the days just seem to speed by.
We enjoyed Fall weather until a week ago when we had out first major snow.
It has been very cold this last week too but that is set to change shortly.
I took this just before we had snow. Cortes was coming around every morning for a week or so.
The first snowy morning Chuck opened the front door to leave for work and Sweet Pea shot in. He ran right to the kitchen counter  and waited for his breakfast.
The juncos are back at the feeders everyday.
Many wonderful opportunities for great moon shots!
Taken this morning. Earlier it had been snowing but the moon and stars were out.
In the Fall I grabbed a sap bucket from my favourite antique shop, Magnolia Cottage. I knew exac…

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