Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Bread and Butter"

The sunset was pretty spectacular a few nights ago. Despite the clouds we didn't receive any rain then but we sure have other times! It has been a cool week with some snow this morning but thankfully it didn't stay around.
I took this out of a second storey window. The Grackle is perched on the top of a neighbours tree.
Many cat visits the last few days. The cooler weather seems to have them mooching at the back door for a treat to two.
Miss Kitty stayed for the morning on Thursday. She snuggled down into her basket and slept while I did some baking.
Here is the newest member of the gang. Very young, no collar and already gets along with Miss Kitty and Punkin. No idea if it is a stray or is let out to roam. I can't get anywhere near it but it did stop and look at me while I talked to it.
We actually saw the sun once in awhile too.
The Cardinals are very frequent visitors. The male feeds the female sunflower seeds. Very sweet!
The male managed to grab a snack of dried cranberries this morning.
Our Christmas Cactus decided to bloom again. Lovely to see something blooming!
It was very cold on Thursday so I decided it was a bread baking day.
My bread won't win any prizes for looks but I have never received any complaints! I use a mix of whole wheat and white flour. Makes the best peanut butter toast!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Take care.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"House Where Nobody Lives:

Driving to Cobourg on Saturday I began noticing a number of abandoned homes. With the leaves off the trees it was much easier to see further in from the road.  I couldn't see the house that was with this falling down barn.
The house in the photo below has been empty for a long time. It sits quite close to the road and I've noticed over the years the trees and vines growing up and over it.
What happens that makes someone walk away from their home?
This old gas station has been empty as long as I can remember.
This farm was one I never noticed before. Cute little house. I like all the windows.
Saturday we popped back to Cobourg to visit a Record Store that we missed going to on Friday. Very windy that day.
We parked at Victoria Park which is right on Lake Ontario. It was REALLY windy down at the beach. Of course I forgot my hat but once I got down there I didn't even notice. It was so beautiful!
This gentleman was trying to wind surf with not much success. He surfed only a few feet at a time and then fell over.
He did manage to get a little farther here but scared all the geese that were floating on the other side of the pier. It was a sight when they all took off. It seemed like there were thousands of them.
Sunday started off dreary but was mild so Chuck and I did our 10k walk down to Brighton Bay. Many geese and a few swans were enjoying the open water. By the time we got home we had shed our hats and mitts and it was sunny.
Love the old farm machinery!
Butler (Proctor depending on the day!) Creek was quite frozen except in the middle due to our recent cold snap. All sorts of different tracks along the edge.
I assume these are dog paws!
I have been enjoying the continuing presence of the Mourning Doves. A pair seems to be around quite a bit. Hopefully they are nesting nearby.
While we were in Cobourg we stopped in at one of our favourite stores called "Nessie's Pantry". It is all British, Scottish and Irish products. I love these "HobNobs"! They are delicious! I am glad the store isn't too close by as I would be constantly tempted by these biscuits.

Quiet time here this week as Chuck is working all his hours for three weeks in this one week. He was off last week and then will be off next week. At the beginning of April he will be heading back for another 5 month contract but full time this time around.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Pulling The Rug"

No, not this kind of rug!
 This kind of rug! When I was visiting our library a couple months ago one of the librarians handed me a bookmark advertising an upcoming Rug Hooking Exhibition. I do not have an artistic bone in my body (sadly) but I so admire all the various crafts. Friday was a beautiful day so we headed down to Cobourg to their fabulous Town Hall for the exhibition.
The building itself is so wonderful to wander around in.
 Up on the third floor is a beautiful gallery with gift shop. There is no admission charge but there is a donation box. We did leave a donation! It was just an explosion of colour when you walk into the main room in the gallery.  I am posting many photos so I won't yak much, just let you enjoy the rugs! Click on the photos to really enjoy them!
 The kitty rug was only about 6 inches by 8 inches.
 The rugs were made anywhere from 1900 to 2016.

 Some looked like they were well used, others were in pristine condition.

 Making Maple Syrup.

The three churches in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. We were lucky enough to see these in person. Beautiful!
I think this one was my favourite. Love the flowers against the black background.

This was a very large rug, I couldn't get it all in!
This one was very unusual!
We popped into the gift shop for a look around. So many lovely items. I loved this Bunny picture.
Everything is made by local artists.
The Town Hall the exhibition was held in was built between 1856-1860 in the Neoclassical style by Kivas Tully. Much of the three storey building is original inside and out. We peeked into the court rooms and concert hall, they were stunning. This is one of many light fixtures in the lobby.
It was a beautiful show and I would love to go back and see it all again.

Sorry so many photos but I wanted to share as much as I could with you.

Have a wonderful week!