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"Going To The Little Creek"

Good morning! Another rainy day here and rather mild. Incredible weather for the end of February.
Yesterday we headed out for the day. After visiting the Orono Antique Market and a couple other antique stores we popped over to Orono Park (also known as Buttercup Hollow) for lunch. I had packed a picnic lunch which we enjoyed beside Orono Creek. The park is nearly 100 years old and is just beautiful no matter what time of year..
The old water tower in the park. This area originally was a tree nursery and this tower was needed to supply water for the trees. It was declared a historical structure so can not be torn down.
The Orono Creek. We have had quite a bit of rain in the last week. You can see on the banks how high the water was during the rain storms.
We had a quick walk along Lake Ontario too.
Beautiful barns all along Old Highway 2.
Love the rusty roof.
VIA train running along Lake Ontario.
This gull kept us company as we stood on the beach.
Winding through some back roads I rem…

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