Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Mister Rabbit"

Sunday started out very dreary and cool. A perfect day to visit the Antique shops! These two cookie jars were calling to me from across the room. I am partial to rabbits so he was my favourite.
I remember my Oma having a butter churn just like this.
One stallholder had so many interesting kitchen items.
Something about this little diorama just struck me. Simple and sweet.
Love the old wagon. Great for walking and doing the grocery shopping!
A few spinning wheels  were around too. I am not an expert at all so I wouldn't even know if this one has all it's parts.
Beautiful buggies. How on earth have they survived all these years???
Chuck had one of these push cars growing up but I think he said there should be a bell on it.
Another wonderful spinning wheel.
The juggling pins are interesting. The little box on the left is a small dough box so the tag says.
When I was a little girl I always wanted a wicker dressing table. My tastes have changed a bit since then!
Gorgeous pine cupboard!
A miniature set of cupboards. It was only about a foot by a foot.
Wooden box from a local, long gone cannery.
I do love old photographs.
A sled with a backrest and arms! The person at the back wouldn't fall off.
In 2007 Sobey's Grocery Stores celebrated their 100th anniversary. This little push car commemorated it.
So lovely!
I saw a few things that really caught my eye but calmer heads prevailed and if they are there next time we visit they may come home with us!
Lovely to have the sun out for part of the weekend.
The gardens are looking lovely and everything is just bursting out.

Painting in the living room progresses. All the furniture is shoved into the middle of the room at the moment as Chuck finishes the edging. He thinks he will be able to paint the walls today after work.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Just About Sunrise"

Tuesday morning as I was driving Chuck to work before picking up Kim at the train station I noticed the beautiful sunrise. One of the advantages of being a morning person!
The flooding here continues and by some accounts will be for a couple more months. I stood at the end of this dock a week or so ago.
The geese, ducks and swans are floating right up to peoples decks.
Saturday we made a trip to the dump. No rain so made a not so pleasant errand much more pleasant.
We stopped at an old mill site on the edge of town. Bits of the foundation are all that is left.
I did walk out to the edge of this bit of the foundation. The creek was running quite strongly but had come down a bit recently.
The skies were beautiful!
If I remember correctly it did start to rain shortly after I took this photo.
Lots of baby birds around. I just realized the Junco's are gone for the season. I believe they come back in September/October.
The crabapple blossoms are so lovely now and they smell incredible.
The goslings continue to grow and delight the neighbourhood.  Right beside the pond a whole new neighbourhood is being built. One day I saw a big, burly construction worker stop and crouch down to take some photos. Baby critters appeal to everyone!

Rain on and off this week. Janice and Keith continue to move in. Of course the day they have the movers booked to bring the large items of furniture and the appliances it is supposed to rain. Never fails!

Have a good week!

Friday, May 19, 2017

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

What a fabulous time Kim and I had!  We were blessed with perfect weather and we spent most of the time outside. I picked Kim up at the train station just after 8:00 a.m Tuesday and off we went.
First stop as always was to see the critters at Reid's Dairy. Not as many baby geese and ducks as others years but enough to ohh and ahh over.
Many turtles were swimming and sunning.
Please visit Kim at her blog as I am sure she will shortly post her photos. I know she has much better photos! We drove down a road Chuck and I had just discovered last weekend and I am glad we did. Horses!
There were I think around 10 of them. It was wonderful to watch them run and play.
Kim's eagle eye spotted this pair of wild turkey's in a field.
Momma and babies.
It looks like the same goats as last year at the dairy.
We managed a hike through Proctor Park. Lovely and quiet. We were the only ones there.
The Spring flowers are at their peek right now.
We did manage to squeeze in a few thrift stores. This is Louie! He lives at the Northumberland Humane Society Thrift Store. He came into the store one cold winter day a few years ago and never left. He LOVES everyone and the customers all love him too. A volunteer working at the store mentioned he walks on a leash and loves to go down to the beach which is a few blocks away. A kind person built him a catio so he can safely enjoy some fresh air.
In one of the thrift stores I noticed this great old door. I believe the building originally was an old warehouse.
Meanwhile at home a baby grackle cools off in one of the birdbaths.
The trilliums are just perfect now. We saw many clumps all over.
Another fairy door!
Before supper Tuesday we went out for a walk. We checked on the progress of the baby geese at the pond around the corner and headed up into the apple orchard. We spotted a couple bunnies enjoying the sun.
Wednesday we headed to my favourite market and were greeted by the chickens as we exited the car.
I wanted Kim to see the old stagecoach road that Chuck and I walked down a few weeks ago. We drove there to save time and parked at the "end" of the asphalt part. With all the heavy rains we have had lately is was squishy going here and there. A creek runs beside the road for most of the way.
The bugs were quite bad. Well, they weren't too bad for me as my walking companion is a bug magnet. Poor Kim! As we were walking I looked down and saw the bottom of a bottle sticking out of the mud. I pulled it out and found it was an old Pepsi bottle. When I cleaned it up at home the date on the bottle said 1957. We did come across a house on the trail set back from the road. I don't know how they would get a vehicle up here unless it was an ATV. After the house the trail got very thin so we decided to turn back.
I love how this old building was fixed up. Loved to had a peek inside!

It was a fun filled, busy two days and hopefully Kim will be coming back in a couple months. So much more to do!

Holiday weekend here in Canada this weekend. We have one more garden to fill and some painting to do in our living room.

Have a wonderful day!

"Mister Rabbit"

Sunday started out very dreary and cool. A perfect day to visit the Antique shops! These two cookie jars were calling to me from across ...